Caps Baseball Enjoys Magic of The Miracle League

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Cary, N.C.-  Broughton’s Varsity and Junior Baseball teams took a break from their hectic Cap-8 schedule on Saturday as they volunteered as “Baseball Buddies” at The Miracle League of the Triangle.

The Miracle League of the Triangle has a mission to create positive life experiences for children and adults with special needs and for their families through baseball.  Serving as Buddies for four teams in two games, the Caps certainly received more than they gave as they assisted special needs players hit baseballs, run bases, and field ground balls.  Smiles were abundant as the Caps shared high-fives and dance moves with their new buddies.  In addition to spending quality time with the Miracle League participants, the Caps were able to witness several amazing plays, including a “called shot” homerun and a player (who happened to be the daughter of a Broughton graduate!) cartwheel into home…..twice!

Many thanks to the parents of the players who attended the games to support the team.  And many, many thanks to the Miracle League of the Triangle for allowing the Broughton community to share in the work of your incredible organization.

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