Fellow Broughton Baseball Player needs our support

Jere Morton III BHS class of 1977 and father of current head Coach Jere Morton IV needs our support.  Jere had a terrible accident while attending a close family friend’s wedding in Mexico last week.  He had a terrible fall where he hit his head causing multiple areas of bleeding in his brain.  The good news is he is doing much better and is expected to be able to leave the hospital and fly home soon.  The bad news is Jere was between insurance polices at the time and the Hotel / Medical facilities would not do anything until the family authorized them to charge their credit cards to pay for all the treatment.  Now the family has maxed out their credit lines and in need our help.

The Broughton Baseball family has a long history of helping out fellow family members in need.  Please take the time to read the whole story and make a donation to support Jere and his family.  No donation is too small.  Here is the link to the GoFundMe Page.


I know Jere and his family will be eternally grateful for what ever you can do to help.