With 2 Games to Go the Caps Still Control their own Destiny

The Caps got a big win on Tuesday against Heritage.  Broughton won the slugfest 14-10 on a hot muggy night.  With every starter getting at least one hit the Caps put themselves back in the driver seat to get into the State Playoffs.  With a win tonight and another win on Monday the worst they can do is end up in a tie with Heritage.  If that happens a one game playoff will be held to fill the last State Playoff spot.

A 40 min lightning delay and hot muggy conditions put a strain on both pitching staffs Tuesday night but the Caps bats picked up the slack.  Jr. Max Magallanes led the team going 3-4 (2 Runs). Jr. Joe Bialkowski (2-5 2B RBI), Soph Rob Case (2-5 RBI), Jr. Wilson White (1-2 RBI), Jr. Austin Walker (1-3 RBI 3 Runs), Jr. Maclin Bathelor (1-4 2 RBIs), Jr Jackson Williams (1-2 RBI), Fr. Dom Ford (1-5 2 RBIs) and Sr. Zi Hopkins (1-5 RBI)

The Caps next game will be at Wakefield on Friday night 7:00pm- Come support the Caps!!!!

Overall Record (6-15) Conference (5-7) 

Capitals JV Falls to Heritage 7-2
 Broughton seemed disconnected today. The team played some great defense, yet we didn’t see the energy transfer to the plate. Yarborough started for The Caps. Heritage seemed to have everything going their way. They scored 3 runs in the 1stoff one hit. Morris was behind the plate, and had a nice play to Eller for a run down at 3rdto stop Heritage. Broughton was unable to score in the 1st.
The second inning was no different for Heritage, after 2 quick outs, they scored 3 more runs. Eller led off with a hit for Broughton, Rotchford drove him in with an RBI single. Heritage 6, Caps 1
In the 3rd, Yarborough started controlling the pace. 2 infield plays and a K shut down Heritage. Neither team scored.
The 4thinning was no different, with both pitchers controlling the bats. Broughton defense stopped Heritage which included a rundown at 2nd. No runs scored.
The 5thinning was 3 up, 3 down for both teams.
Heritage scored 1 run in the 6th, before Baldwin threw a runner out at 3rdfrom center. Heritage 7, Caps 1
In the 7th, Johnson closed for Broughton, 3up 3 down with a K. In their last ditch effort, Eller led off for The Caps, and was hit with a wild pitch. Saba pinch ran for Eller. Rotchford hit his second RBI for Broughton. Then 2 infield plays later, it’s game over for Broughton.
Heritage 7, Caps 2   
Rotchford 2-3 with 2 RBIs, Sipila 1-3, Eller 1-1 with 2 BB         

Overall Record (10-8) Conference (6-6)